5 Procedures Performed By Urologists

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Urologists are experts in the field of urology who can diagnose and treat several diseases related to the urinary tract. They are also experts in treating reproductive problems in men. Urologists can also perform surgeries to remove clots, cysts or blockage in the urinary tract. In the case of men, urologists can treat several diseases like infertility, kidney diseases, UTIs, bladder cancer, etc. In the case of women, urologists can treat diseases like UTIs, overactive bladder, interstitial cystitis, etc. Whereas, in the case of children, they can treat diseases like bed-wetting and blockage in the urinary tract. A urologist performs several procedures regularly. In some cases, the patient does not have to undergo surgery. The disease is diagnosed through different tests after which the method of treatment is decided. In this article, you will learn about some important procedures performed by urologists.

Imaging tests:

Urologists perform different imaging tests like MRI, CT scan, X-rays, etc. to find out the root cause of the problem in the urinary tract. Before undergoing a test, the patient has to share all his medical history with the doctor so that the doctor can make the decisions while keeping in view different factors like symptoms being experienced by the patient, patient history, risks involved, age, etc.


A urologist also performs the cystoscopy of a patient when needed. A thin scope known as cystoscopy is used to examine the bladder internally. This procedure is done to diagnose various urinary infections.

Post-void residual urine test:

This test is carried out by the urologist to identify the rate at which urine stops coming out of the body. The test can also help identify the quantity of urine left in the bladder once you are done urinating.

Simple urine test:

Many times urologists get to perform a simple urine test to find out different harmful bacteria in the body. This helps the doctor control and fully treat various urinary infections in the body.

Different types of surgeries:

Urologists also have to perform surgeries in certain cases. They can do a kidney transplant, perform ureteroscopy, vasectomy, operate a patient to open a blockage, perform surgery to repair urinary organs that cannot be repaired through medicines, etc.

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